For those who are not conversant with the Automobile Industry or are unaware of what HotRod means, here’s the explanation. Any vehicle (specially the old big body vehicles) on which certain modifications (addition or deletion of vehicle parts) are carried out so that the modified vehicle can gain extra power as well as speed is called a hotrod vehicle.

The period of existence of the Classic hotrods were from 1920 till 1960 after which hotrods began to fade away as new technology took over. These cars usually had large linear bodies with modified engines. Engine modifications were mainly found in Classic Cars manufactured by FORD Motors(better known as The Ford Motor Company) which was established in the year 1903 by Henry Ford with its headquarter in Michigan, Detroit, USA.

As per some historians belonging to the automotive sector, many classic cars used to be stolen by gangsters who used to replace the original engine, body and other parts with completely different set of engines and parts in order to avoid detection by the law enforcement agencies. In those days the cars hardly had any chassis numbers by which one could identify a stolen vehicle. Even today, in some province of Canada, the Motor Vehicle Authorities term a car as hotrod if the engine is not found to be originally from the manufacturer.

The following are some of the famous classic hot rod cars:

  • Model-1938: Old Volkswagen Beetle
  • Model-1951: Brand- Chevy 3100 Pick Up
  • Model-1933: Ford Coupe
  • Model-1967: Chevrolet Corvette C2
  • Model-1967: Dodge Charger

… and many more…

Today, Original car models like, the Classic, Hot Rod, Muscle and the Vintage are rare to find. But, second hand versions with a bit of modification are available with agencies like ‘Midwest Classic Cars’, Etc. who deal in ‘buy and sell cars’. Also, if one is lucky enough to come in contact with the original owners who would like to sell the car, maybe one could also buy the original.