Everybody loves classic cars, especially men and although these vintage machines cost an arm and a leg most people day dream about owning them at one point in their lives or at least to just get the chance to sit behind the wheel of one. With their very high costs this means that before they roll out on the road they must be ensured. Some of the best classic car insurance companies in New Zealand include

AA Insurance

They cover the car and any damage that may be caused by the car in the event of an accident. Their policy benefits come loaded with things like towing and storage where if the vehicle is damaged in an accident they organise and pay for the towing services for repairs. They cover damages to other people’s property with claims of up to $20m. if the driver was at no fault of the accident then they are not required to pay any excess from their pockets as well as offering a cover that insures the car no matter where it is. Legal representation is also another item on their benefits list

Classic Cover

They have been around since 1983 and have been insuring classic cars and other vintage machines. They base their rates on the mileage of the car, the level of rarity, the history of the driver, the state of the storage facility and the modifications that the car has undergone over the years. This meticulousness to detail does set them apart from most of the others. Apart from classic car cover they also insure boats.

Protecta Insurance

They offer full covers that range from restoration of the car to the total overhaul of the machine. They too have their won requirements which demand that the driver be above 25 years, the vehicle must be limited to a mileage of 8,000km per year and the drivers have to have a clean history dating back 5 years.