Americans are as crazy about classic cars as anyone else in the world, if not crazier. America is home to some of the top car brands in the world that have been operational for years and thus they have a very long line of classic cars that have stood the test of time through the last century. Some of the best classic cars from America include

  • Chevrolet Corvette – Created in 1953 this beautiful car has been the face and life of American classic cars, during that year only 100 of them were made which makes it the rarest classic car in the whole of America.
  • Ford Mustang – No list is complete without this American legendary car. Nothing screams more American than the Ford Mustang. Created in 1964 this beast has evolved over time but still retains its powerful nature.
  • Dodge Viper – Another exciting classic that was created in 1992. This beauty has been a mainstay of the American culture but unfortunately it was discontinued in 2010.
  • Tri-Five Chevrolet – It only had a run of 3 years from its year of creation in 1955. Its unique design was an instant hit with car lovers who up to this day are wondering why it was discontinued that quickly.
  • Cadillac – The all mighty Cadillac. From the moment it hit the road in 1953 the game was changed. This beauty was the go-to-car for the rich and those who wanted to show off their wealth. It is one of the most prized collections of classic cars to date.
  • Ford Thunderbird – Ford was always ahead of the rest when it came to churning out cars, by the time the other car makers caught up with them Ford had already assembled an impressive line of beautiful cars that are now part of classic collections. The Ford Thunderbird was introduced in 1955 and has featured in movies.